Sovereign Grace Church

SGC Sunday morning service health protocols

As we continue to monitor and process developments related to health and safety for our congregation, we encourage all of us to keep walking through these changes in a way that honors the Lord and extends charitable understanding to one another.
Given the current positive trends with Covid, fast-changing government policies and considering CDC recommendations, SGC is taking the following steps to mitigate health risks during our Sunday morning service: 

1. Masks are optional throughout the building and auditorium.

2. There is a designated section in the auditorium where masks are required, but those choosing to wear masks may sit anywhere in the auditorium and are not required to sit in that section.

3. We will continue to program our HVAC system to introduce outside air into the auditorium and will continue to use air purifiers throughout the building.

These are the current protocols beginning 5/30/2021. We will continue to update this page with any changes. 

Kids quest health protocols

SGC is taking the following steps to mitigate health risks in Kids Quest.

1. Masks are optional for all children, adults and youth helpers participating in Kids Quest.
2. Adults  and youth helpers may choose to wear masks at any time in Kids Quest, and children may also wear masks at the discretion of their parents/guardians.
3. Each classroom in Kids Quest should run its air purifier during class.